According to Piercamillo Davigo, it is a mistake to wait for trial sentences


Magistrate Piercamillo Davigo, member of the Superior Council of the judiciary and former deputy prosecutor of the “Clean Hands” pool, during the Thursday evening episode of A clean sweep up La7 intervened to comment on the telephone interceptions that were made public in some newspapers relating to the investigation into the magistrate and former president of the National Association of Magistrates (ANM) Luca Palamara and to the conversations that were put on file in the Perugia investigation.

In a passage from his speech, Davigo said:

The Italian mistake was to always say: “Let’s wait for the sentences”.

Davigo explained his position with an example: “If I invite my neighbor to dinner and I see him come out with my silverware in his pockets, I don’t have to wait for the sentence of the Court of Cassation so as not to invite him again.” The magistrate then proposed another example already used on other occasions: «Again: if my neighbor was sentenced in the first degree for pedophilia, I will give him my six-year-old daughter in homage to the alleged innocence? No! Because justice is a cardinal virtue, but prudence is also a cardinal virtue “.

In the Palamara case for Davigo, the behavior of the magistrates was from the beginning to be taken as an example: «There have been very strong reactions, in Milan there was a very tough assembly – said Davigo – which approved a document that asked the members of the CSM to resign and they have resigned. If this happened in all the institutions of this country we would probably be better off and there would be no tensions ».

Davigo then recalled a personal episode: “One evening I was at a debate in Rome where Palamara was also there. As I left, I asked what public transport I could take, he heard and offered me a ride. I suppose he already had the Trojan activated but there are no interceptions against me, because I don’t do these things, and like me there are thousands of magistrates who don’t do them ».

Davigo has been known for years for his very clear and controversial statements: in an interview with Corriere della Sera he confirmed that he had said in the past that “there are no innocents; there are only undiscovered culprits “and that” there are not too many prisoners; there are too few prisons. ”

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