Accident in Esine, tragic frontal between cars: death of two twenty-year-olds, other 5 injured


Frontal to Esine, two twenty-year-old death
Esine (Brescia) 30 May 2020 – Dramatic frontal accident in the territory of Esine in the late evening of Friday 29 May. Two cars that according to the first information proceeded in opposite directions at high speed just before 10.30 in Toroselle they entered en route of collision. It was a massacre: two local girls from 20 and 21 years have passed away in cars pulverized by impact. Five other young people are injured, two of whom are in serious condition, accompanied by helicopter to the hospital. On the scene of the accident numerous emergency vehicles, the Brescia and Darfo Traffic Police and the firefighters with departures from Brescia Breno and Darfo. Highway 42 closed to allow rescue operations.

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