Accident in Esine: the tragedy of Claudia and Giulia, the crash after the first post-quarantine pizza


Esine (Brescia) – They were looking forward to going out for dinner after weeks of lockdown. A pizza and a chat, Giulia and Claudia, just twenty years old, full of dreams and expectations, with life still ahead. However, theirs broke down in Esine, a town in Valcamonica, along State Road 42, just as they were returning home. And after calling both boyfriends: We are returning. They died instantly on 22:30 on Friday evening after a front with a car that was going in the opposite direction to theirs. Giulia Vengelisti would have turned 21 in less than a month. Originally from Cividate Camuno, still in the valley, after graduating from a technical institute and a job as a bartender, she wanted to resume her studies and start university in the city. Claudia Marioli, on the other hand – who would celebrate her 20 years in September – lived with her parents and brother where she was born and raised in Esine: she was employed in a beauty center in the area after attending school for hairdressers. Dozens of friends gathered in the morning outside the burning room of the Esine hospital where the bodies of the two girls were transferred. They are … that was sunny, with an incredible vital charge, not possible they whispered in shock between sobs, missed hugs and eyes full of tears. Very little desire to speak, so much pain. And anger, for the way Giulia (who was behind the wheel) and Claudia died.

The dynamics

everything happened in a few moments. They were returning from dinner to a pizzeria in Darfo, heading for the Upper Valley, aboard a small Opel when they were overwhelmed by an Audi A4 that proceeded in the opposite direction. On board, five construction workers between 30 and 40 years of foreign origins – Albanian and Tunisian – who in turn were returning home, in the lower Brescia, after a week of work in a shipyard in Livigno. The dynamics of the crash still being examined by the traffic police, as well as the reconstruction of speed. It was raining on Friday evening. It is not excluded that Audi was overtaking, but it is not clear which of the two cars suddenly invaded the opposite lane. The prosecutor has opened a file. Of course the impact has left no way for the girls. The injured (two seriously injured) were transported between the Civil hospital and the Poliambulanza of Brescia and the Niguarda of Milan. The scene that sanitary and firefighters faced was terrible, with the cars reduced to a tangle of plates, so as to render rescue operations complicated. Dozens of condolence posts on the social profiles of Giulia and Claudia. Now you are two angels, protect your families. The photographs published in moments of light-heartedness still flow: school trips, group evenings, hugs (pre-Covid) with the family. And those teenage phrases full of fragments of existence, about the importance of not getting lost in lost things and having the courage to let them go to look ahead.

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