Accident in Esine, tears for Claudia and Giulia: “It is an announced tragedy”


Frontal to Esine, two twenty-year-old death
Frontal to Esine, two twenty-year-old death
Esine (Brescia), May 31, 2020 – They had smiles, dreams and the charge of twenty years, Claudia Marioli, 19 year old from Esine, and Giulia Vangelisti, who would have turned 21 in a month, of Cividate Camuno. I’m the two friends who were victims of the dramatic frontal crash occurred on Friday at 22.30 on the Statale 42 del Tonale, in Esine.

The girls came home on board an Opel Corsa from an evening in a pizzeria when, at the height of the Toroselle service station, their utility car, according to the first reconstruction to be confirmed, would have invaded the opposite lane colliding with an Audi A4. On the sedan, there were five workers between 30 and 40 years old, two are in desperate conditions. To clarify the reason for the crash, maybe it affected the veilthe towns. Both drivers underwent blood tests to check for alcohol and drugs, now the results are expected.

And in the meantime Valcamonica mourns Claudia and Giulia, who leave both parents and a brother, as well as boyfriends. Giulia was a student, Claudia worked in a beauty center. Yesterday at the crash site was a comings and goings of friends and acquaintances. The magistrate’s clearance has already arrived and the funeral will be held in the respective countries on Monday. There are not only tears, but also accusations. That stretch of road is a running track, for some time the residents have been asking for interventions to make it safe. For everyone, the Friday night incident is an announced tragedy.

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