Accident in Brescia, two 20-year-old girls died on the Tonale state road


Accident in Brescia, two 20-year-old girls died on the Tonale state road

Pizza with friends, the journey home and the crash that killed them instantly. The dynamics of the accident that took place last night in Vallecamonica in Bresciano, along the highway between Esine and Darfo. Certainly there is a very heavy balance: two very young friends lose their lives. Giulia Vangelisti 21-year-old bartender who wanted to resume his studies after graduating last year, e Claudia Marioli 20-year-old employee in a beauty center in the area after attending the hairdressing school, they died instantly in the crumpled sheets. With their car they collided head-on with the car in which five Albanian and Tunisian workers were traveling, who had finished their work shift in Switzerland and were returning home in the Lower Bresciana.

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It was raining at the time of the accident and also the speed could have influenced. It seems that the car of the group of workers, an Audi, was overtaking, but it is not yet clear whether it was the two young women, on a small Opel, that invaded the opposite lane. The impact was tremendous so much that the cars were practically destroyed and the work of the rescuers to extract the bodies was very complicated. Giulia Vangelisti, who was behind the wheel, and Claudia Marioli died instantly. Both had heard each other on the phone shortly before with their boyfriends whom they had been dating for a couple of years.

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Two of the five foreigners who were in the second car involved and struggling between life and death in hospital were also seriously injured. The story of the survivors will be crucial for the investigation. The prosecutor of Brescia with prosecutor Erica Battaglia has opened an investigation to shed light on the crash with the findings entrusted to the Darfo traffic police, while in Vallecamonica the news of the two young broken lives marked the villages of Cividate Camuno, where he lived with the Giulia Vangelisti family, and of Esine, where Claudia Marioli lived instead. “They were girls with a crazy charge, dynamic and never stopped” describes those who knew them. Shocked the friends of the two twentysomethings, among the first yesterday evening to know about the terrible accident.

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