“Accelerated for Campi Bisenzio is a signal to Nardella. Commisso wants to leave something for Florence”


The words of the journalist close to the events of the purple president

The journalist Massimo Basile, spoke from the United States to Radio Bruno to talk about the feelings of the President Viola regarding the well-known stage question:

Commisso he is very disappointed, bitter. Here in America everything is simpler, we consider that there are kilometers of desert on which it is possible to build. What makes Americans perplexed is that the mayor continues to talk about the project while the ban is open. Rocco expected to speak today, then the postponement of the announcement postponed his position. The accelerated on Campi Bisenzio she arrived when the tender was about to end, it was a signal for Nardella. The purple management has understood that there are no possibilities at Franchi, Rocco does not intend to build a hotel to enrich its assets, as has been proposed in the Mercafir area. It doesn’t need it. He would like to leave something to the city that is related to Fiorentina and his figure.

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