AC Milan transfer market, hit Germany and Inter ko


Milan on the hunt for Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s successor. The goal could be or become a young man of great prospects already in the sights of Inter

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Getty Images)

To date there are very few possibilities that Ibrahimovic stay at Milan also in the next season renewing the expiring contract. The Age Rangnick provides a generational turn, the investment for younger and less bulky players considered by the German congenial to his project. Even the successor of the Swede, who will return to Milanello next week to recover from the injury to the soleus, could be a prospective profile, albeit already with a good experience in European football.

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Milan transfer market, Ibrahimovic heir: possible match against Inter

This perspective profile could be, to be precise, Matheus Santos Carneiro Da Cunha, known simply as Cunha. In these days, the 21 year old Brazilian has been strongly approached to theInter, there are those who even went astray by saying that he would be the chosen one for the legacy of Lautaro Martinez, if the Argentine really moved to Barcelona. But keep an eye on AC Milan: Rangnick knows the boy very well – a very technical and quick striker, able to act as a second striker too – passed by Leipzig before moving to the last January toHertha Berlin for about 18 million. The AC Milan club could offer 19 more Rafael Leao, or rather the loan with the right of redemption fixed on the 21 million euros of the 20 year old Portuguese, one of the flop purchases of the last summer market which, however, in Germany could find its size.

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Idea Cunha for Milan (Getty Images)

Milan could get the better of their cousins, guaranteeing the 99 class immediately a leading role, which instead on the other side would struggle to have, at least in the immediate future. Relations with Herta are good, as shown by the recent deal Piatek.


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