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Fifteen minutes of video to explain what happened and why, what the consequences of his actions were, and to apologize. Daniel Abt chose YouTube to send a video message to all his fans and fans about his decision to run a sim racer professional, Lorenz Hoerzing, in his place in the ‘Race at Home’ in Berlin, the event organized by Formula E via the rFactor 2 simulator to entertain the fans during the quarantine. As a first point, after explaining that he took these online races as pure fun, totally disinterested in the result, Abt told how his choice of be replaced when driving.

Race at Home | The deception of Abt

During a training streaming for this ‘Race at Home’ we had a conversation and the idea came up: it would have been fun if a sim racer had actually driven in my place, to show other real pilots what they are capable of and take advantage of the ability to drive against them. We wanted to document it and create a fun story for fans “ explained Abt. The German pilot highlighted that there was no intent to unsportsmanlike scam in the idea. “We wanted to behave as if we were really driving, to later reveal it. It was never our intention to lie or hide anything from you – pointed out to fans – we talked openly about this idea in live streaming and I think there were a thousand people watching us live while we talked about it“.

Audi suspends Daniel Abt

Abt reiterated this point several times, stating that there had never been the intent not to reveal the fact that he was not behind the wheel, so much so that the IP address of the sim-racer, who was driving from the Austria. However, the German driver soon admitted that he realized that the situation had taken one unexpected crease and dangerous, as testified by the severe decisions made by Audi: “Today I was informed in a conversation with Audi that our ways will separate. We will no longer race together in Formula E and the collaboration has ended. It’s a pain I’ve never felt this way in my life – commented again Abt, who apologized to the same house of the rings, with Formula E, with Unicef ​​and again with the fans, launching an appeal – I hope you can forgive me“.

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At the end – concluded the video message Abt – there is only to say: in life he is wrong. I feel like I can’t fall lower. I am on the ground, but I will get up again. I’ll come back. I definitely need some time for myself now, to reflect on things, to think about my future. But I believe it will continue and there will always be a way. I would, of course, be extremely happy if you accepted my apology, supported me on my way in the future and that we will see each other again soon“.

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