Abruzzo closer to America, the Teramo Ernesto Di Giovanni in the Amerigo Association team


TERAMO – Teramo Di Giovanni in the Amerigo Association team and head of the Chapter of Rome and Central Italy, a project with the American Embassy is also on the way

“I am honored to have been appointed yesterday Head of the Chapter of Rome and Central Italy of the prestigious Association Amerigo – International Cultural Exchange Program Alumni which has been working for years to develop and implement various cultural exchange programs with the United States” – says the expert of international politics and institutional relations Ernesto Di Giovanni, after receiving the appointment also thanks to the support of the American Embassy in Rome.

“The transatlantic dialogue and the eternal friendship between Italy and the United States also represent a source for Abruzzo to draw on, full years of challenges await us which the emergence of the Coronavirus will make more difficult, but also more ambitious. “- continues Di Giovanni -“ The United States has always shown a great opening towards our culture, our historical heritage and also towards our values. And Abruzzo is a land of deep values, as the number one of the White House Mike Pompeo, of Abruzzo origins, recognizes us. I will do my best, as always, to create opportunities for growth and revitalization for my land. In the drawer also a tourist-cultural project to be developed in Abruzzo through the American Embassy, ​​to tell us about the world through those whom I believe to be among our best ambassadors and admirers. All institutions will be involved. “

Ernesto Di Giovanni, born and raised in Tortoreto lives in Rome. International Policy Expert, US State Department Fellow and UTOPIA – Public, Media & Legal Affaris Partner.

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