a surprise is coming for all users


With nearly 6 million users (5,806,000 users at the end of March 2020), iliad Italy is preparing to celebrate its second birthday since its launch, which took place on May 29, 2018.

Difficult to understand what iliad could propose tomorrow, the reality is that at the moment everything is silent from the Milan headquarters and there continues to be the utmost reserve on any possible “surprise” coming.

In all probability it will not be a new tariff package and we can hypothesize some marketing initiative similar to that of 2019, with the “truth-shirts” (the shirts that tell the truth) and other gadgets in full spirit iliad (but more than happy to be wrong if new offers and services arrive).

The only signal came from social accounts this afternoon, with a message as short as cryptic, followed by the hashtag #TheTruthCode:

Tomorrow will be our birthday and we have a surprise for you: stay tuned! #TreTruthCode

Message that has inevitably generated a myriad of reactions and comments from users, among those who hope for a super offer from 100 GB and who instead the possibility of being able to upgrade to a package with more Giga (but that is not in the priorities of the moment, as recently confirmed by CEO Benedetto Levi).

At this point, since it will be difficult to find something before tomorrow, we are asking you what surprise you expect from iliad? New rate, promotion, service or gadget to celebrate your second birthday?

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