a suitor leaves the study


In this afternoon’s episode, Alessandro Graziani decided to abandon the program saying goodbye to the tronista Giovanna Abate, that’s why

Today’s episode of Men and women it was really interesting, not only thanks to the usual Tina Cipollari, but also to the surprise of a abandonment of a suitor of Maria De Filippi’s program.

Alexander the only one without external with Giovanna

The first part of the program was dedicated to the beautiful Giovanna Abate, who came back in vogue also thanks to the presence of the Alchemist, the mysterious (former) suitor who made the viewers dream for many episodes.
This is how it came to the study Sammy and obviously here we go usual discussion between the two boys: at that point it was the turn of Alessandro Graziani, only suitor a not be chosen to go out with Giovanna, which made him very angry

In the last episode, Alexander had amazed everyone by answering “no” to a crucial question: many did not understand his answer and, now in the studio, wanted to clarify, especially after Maria De Filippi announced her choice of abandon the program by deleting.

Alexander abandons men and women

According to the boy it was useless making fun of yourself: the choice to return confirmed that it was taken too quickly and that he chose by listening to his belly, making a mistake. His path to acquaintance with Giovanna Abate is too far behind compared to the other two suitors, a reason that prompted him to eliminate himself from courtship

Giovanna confirmed Alessandro’s presentiment, with Davide (ex Alchemist) and Sammy, there is something more.
Alessandro Graziani thus greeted everyone leaving the studio again

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