“A social defeat” – Libero Quotidiano


TO Straight and backhand of Paolo Del Debbio , in the episode broadcast on Rete 4 on Thursday 28 May, the most popular governor of Italy, the man of the moment, goes mad Luca Zaia. The President of Veneto points his finger at the insane proposal, dismissed in record time, by Francesco Boccia, or that of civic assistants, a kind of army of 60 thousand anti-movida informers. The Doge cuts short, very short indeed: “Hiring civic assistants is a social defeat”. In short, proposal off-set in record time to a sort of joke, which it is. Zaia, then, still calls for caution. Although Veneto is the vanguard in terms of reopening after the acute phase of the coronavirus emergency, Zaia stresses: “This virus no longer has a submachine gun but is still an excellent sniper. We will come out of it, but above all I ask the young people again for a small sacrifice “, he concludes.

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