A small fox stuck in the canal. She was terrified: saved by a dog


Except thanks to the infallible nose of a dog. Thus Red, a young specimen of fox with a sharp nose and lively eyes, was rescued by some passers-by, who found him trapped in a canal in the Torre delle Passere area, in the countryside on the border between Mornico al Serio and Martinengo.

To notice the presence of the animal in difficulty was Pallino, a German shepherd who, during a walk, managed to attract the attention of its owners and lead them near the canal to save the puppy’s life, thus tearing it from a tragic fate.

“All of a sudden – says Roberta, the owner of the dog – Pallino became altered by escaping the leash and then threw himself into the channel inside which the fox was well hidden and trapped. The same, it came out only after having moved the cellophane in an attempt to free it ». The young fox, weak and frightened, was unapproachable. “We did not know nor how, nor how long he was there – continues Roberta – but was visibly frightened and complained. In the afternoon we went back to retrieve it and found it outside the hiding place, blocked by mud in the sun. She would never have been able to go up the canal alone. So, we approached to try to give her a drink, but with the last forces she had in her body she bit the neck of the bottle in an attempt to defend herself ».

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