A sip of bitter wine for the future


These days, each of us is doing the math in his pocket to calculate the economic damage caused by these three months of lockdown. Why a sip of bitter wine for the future? The Covid-19 effect made itself felt on the coffers of wineries and the prospect is 2 billion less in turnover. An indication is provided by the Mediobanca research area which has put under the magnifying glass 215 main Italian joint stock companies, with 2018 turnover exceeding 20 million euros. The survey also included 14 international listed companies, with turnover in excess of 150 million euros.

The numbers of the crisis

The alleged contraction is 20% – 25% compared to 2019. It weighs like a boulder exports. The Italian wine it is appreciated above all beyond borders. With the blockade for three months, recovering the lost ground will be difficult.

Companies do the math

Wineries are the first to have to deal with the crisis. The future is compromised. Entrepreneurs are even more pessimistic than in 2009 when the sector was hit by a deep crisis. Unfortunately, even the shadow of encouraging signs. The least pessimistic are the cooperatives linked to the mass market and large-scale retail trade compared to Horeca.

From wine toast to sparkling wine

Expectations are less negative for sparkling wine producers. Probably affects the greater seasonality of sparkling wines, whose sales grow significantly especially in correspondence with the Christmas toast and the new year.

The wine on the stock exchange

There are two Italian wine companies listed on the stock exchange: IWB – Italian Wine Brands (Giordano Vini and Provinco brand) and Masi Agricola.

Italian Wine Brands (MIL: IWB) yesterday had a vigorous rise, surpassing previous values ​​by 4.08%. The comparison of the title with the weekly Ftse Mib suggests that the title can be tasty for buyers. A few days ago our CEO had already outlined a positive trend.

Masi Agricola has a completely different content: a sip of bitter wine for the unhappy performance with a negative percentage change of 0.82% yesterday.

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