A scoop on the PS5 announcement levels on Wired is coming to Famitsu!


During a livestream the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa claimed to have a big scoop on the program for the next issue of Weekly Famitsu, out on June 4th. But what exactly is it?

The journalist (author of the Complicated Conversation About Games column on Famitsu) makes it known that the article in question will talk about something revolutionary and will have a strong impact on the video game industry.

Nishikawa says the announcement in question will be “a crazy exclusive scoop, at the levels of the PS5 exclusive reveal on the pages of Wired last year. ” The journalist had the opportunity to interview the managers of a large company, initially Nishikawa did not want to name names but later accidentally revealed that the company in question is SEGAhowever, the announcement will not affect Dreamcast 2, as clearly specified.

June 3 marks the 60th anniversary of SEGA Corporation and will Famitsu’s article be released the next day, Thursday June 4, that the two are closely related? June 4 is also the presumed date of the new PS5 presentation event (not yet confirmed by Sony), just a coincidence or not? We will find out next week, when Famitsu reaches the shelves of Japanese newsstands and kiosks.

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