A precipice falls: a 29-year-old young man from Omegna – La Stampa died in Mergozzo


Fatal accident in the mountains this morning (Saturday 30) in Mergozzo. To lose your life Andrea Marchetto, a 29-year-old boy from Omegna, who together with three others were running on the paths of the horns of Nibbio. It was shortly after 8 when, at the Torrione di Bettola, the young man slipped and fell into a ravine: for him a flight of 200 meters which proved to be fatal. Immediately the call to the mountain rescue of Ornavasso. But when 118, helicopter and volunteers arrived on the spot, they could only see the death of the young Cusian.

At the sports field of Ornavasso – chosen as the base of rescue – the 118 helicopter brought the other people back together with the victim.

Marchetto worked at the Tor.Met in Omegna. He was a great mountain enthusiast, mountain running: he had participated in many trails and races in the area, from the marathon of the “Valle Intrasca” to the Stragranda Monterosa Sky marathon, also obtaining excellent results. He was well known in the city and active in various realities including Ablo, of which he had been among the founders, always in the front row with a smile, ready to help and organize events for Omegna.

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