A Place in the Sun, advances from 25 to 29 May: Angela destroyed


Advances “Un Posto al Sole Classic”, weekly episodes from 25 to 29 May. Teresa starts the new job with Filippo and Serena at Ferri’s house. Alfonso Vitale completes his revenge in an ignoble way.

Marina, to face your loneliness, decides to go to the club with a paid companion. The first day of work of Teresa at the house of Filippo it will prove very tiring for the Deacon, driven out by Ferri in anger, when the maid had tried to calm the tensions between him and Greta. Virgilio does not intend to yield to their blackmail, but Guido and Andrea do not give up. In order to convince Virgilio to withdraw his substantial claim for damages, Del Bue prefers to give up Loredana. Ferri is increasingly disinterested in Greta’s pregnancy and the woman will find unexpected support in Filippo.

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Pensive Greta upas classic

Alfonso tries to involve Nunzio in a new blow. Franco now he risks losing all control over his son. Guido is forced to lie to Loredana to comply with agreements with Virgilio, but in the end the heart will prevail. Manuela tries to solve the economic problems of the Cyril sisters by proposing to Serena a very profitable job, or at least in his opinion. Renato he discovers that someone he knows well in the building is exploiting his internet connection, but is ready to make life difficult for him. Serena she is convinced that Ferri’s job interview went wrong. The entrepreneur will ask Filippo to help him make a decision. As tensions erupt between Nuncio is Franco, Alfonso Vitale is close to ending his revenge.

Alfonso Vitale Upas

While Vintariello jr. find the strength to understand their mistakes and apologize to Franco, Angela is very ashamed and can’t make it to confess what happened to her the night before. But then Poggi will make a dramatic revelation to Viola, with whom she vents. The first day of Serena’s work at the Ferri house seems to start well until Tommaso decides to surprise her… Exasperated by the rejecting attitude of Micaela who claims he doesn’t want to steal the boy from his sister Manuela, Niko proposes a meeting three clarifier. What’s going to happen?

twin-Cyril 1-1280 & # 215; 720

“Un Posto al Sole Classic”, with the episodes and characters of the sixteenth edition of the Neapolitan soap, broadcast in 2012, it airs from Monday to Friday from 8.45 pm to 9.10 pm on Rai 3.

From 11 May, on RaiPlay, from Monday to Friday from 18.00, one is available online exclusive spin-off, “I stay at home for a while“, Which shows how the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini and their” stable affections “are managing Phase 2 post lockdown. In all there are 40 episodes.

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