A photo taken in Civitavecchia chosen by NASA


Today, May 29, NASA used an image taken in Civitavecchia by Marco Meniero as a photo of the day APOD. The publication represents an honor for the world of astrophotography because it is chosen among many others made by photographers all over the world, including professionals. It is the second time that a photo of Meniero has been published by NASA. “For me it is an honor – he comments – this honor and I am proud of it since I have been pursuing this hobby for thirty years.”

The photo concerns the tight Mercury-Venus conjunction taken from the balcony of the house in Aurelia of Civitavecchia (Rome). It was made on 22 May using a Televue Genesis 10cm f / 5 telescope and a Canon Eos1DxMK2. The planets appeared peeking through the eucalyptus branches, which framed the scene. The shades of the sky contributed to embellish the image by giving a background with bright colors. You can clearly see the planet Venus with the scythe. This is due to the relative position of the planet with respect to the Sun and the observer on Earth. These days it is possible to observe the two very low planets between the twilight lights: the diameter of Venus grows quickly and is easily appreciated with binoculars. Mercury is generally very difficult to see, but the proximity to Venus facilitates its identification, it also rises more and more on the horizon until it reaches its maximum height on June 4th.


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