“A part ready to tear up and follow Giorgetti”. Extremely plausible government? – Free newspaper


The League fought. “Major premise – a Northern League source begins to comment on what is happening within Matteo Salvini’s party -: in the fall, as Giorgetti rightly says, we risk a social apocalypse. Minor premise: this government is unable to manage it. Conclusion : a government will be made to save the salvable “. It is not a novelty that Giancarlo Giorgetti has repeatedly reiterated the need to support a government of national unity, but it seems that now, according to a backstage of the Press, there are several within the Carroccio to support his thesis.

Despite the denials to give rise to these rumors is Gianni Fava, former regional councilor of the Northern League always very distant from Salvini’s ideas: “A part of the party ready to tear up and be ‘responsible’ is already there -, he swears According to La Stampa – they are the elected parliamentarians of the center-south, who have been more governmental in culture and Northern League for too little time to be Salvini’s loyalists. Which, it is now clear, is the victim of his own propaganda: he would like to tone of reliability, but the Beast has not changed methods. ”

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