a meteorite spotted just before 11pm


We are receiving numerous reports about the sighting of one bright trail in the skies of Southern Italy in the late evening today, May 25th.

The episode took place around 10.50 pm and lasted a few seconds: many reports from Molise, Puglia, Basilicata. To cause the showy light trail a meteorite which came into contact with the atmosphere and generated precisely this spectacular glow. Numerous people said they saw this “luminous ball” (white / yellow color) towards the East, almost reaching the horizon.

This phenomenon is commonly defined bolide. It is more correctly a meteoroid, a fragment of rocky or metallic material (small asteroid), with dimensions that can vary from that of a grain of sand to those of huge boulders, even with 100 meters in diameter. It becomes bright (both for thermal causes and for ionization phenomena) as it passes through the densest part of the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth is hit by hundreds of meteoroids every year, and in some cases these are so large as to cause even audible roars on the ground. Meteorite is what remains after the atmospheric ablation of a meteoroid.

Edited by Francesco Ladisa
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