A lot of tax money is now rubbish


Recovering money from taxes has always been the focus of every government to make ends meet. In reality, a lot of tax money is now rubbish. According to the director of the Revenue Agency, the taxman must collect around 954 billion euros in taxes. About 400 billion are no longer cashable for the most varied reasons.

Money now junk

Of this heap of money considered no longer cashable, 153 billion are due from bankrupt persons, 119 billion from deceased people, 109 billion should be paid by nullatenenti people. A very clear picture with collectible credit on paper but in reality this is not the case. Unfortunately, canceling them from morning to night is not easy: you should find the coverages to do it. This money carried in the various budgets, even if hypothetically cover expenses.

Why not make a real tax reform

The tax system discounts old rules. Several times it has been said to cancel the old debts of the Italians with the tax authorities but in reality there has never been a follow-up to a true excerpt of the tax collection files.

A pale attempt occurred a few years ago when millions of Italians had their debt collectors canceled for debts contracted with the tax authorities up to a thousand euros.

Hope is the last to die

The Italians hope until the end of do not pay (wrongly). But those who govern us do the pleadings (without luck) of being able to gather money from old taxes to give oxygen to the state coffers. Implement an ambitious project with one maxi reform Tax would be a shock to everyone: for those who must have and for those who must give.

Recover not entirely bad debt

Amnesty, scrapping, amnesty are terms that make hair stand up. A fiscal peace with the taxpayer must be pursued to determine where to start from. A lot of tax money is now rubbish and it is best to put a stone on it permanently.

Taxes go on vacation

Until August 31, the terms, for the health emergency, of payments deriving from payment cards, debit notices and assessment notices entrusted to the Collection Agent are suspended. These fees must be paid by September 30th.

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