a leak reveals the weapons of Season 4


There are only a few days left before the official debut of the fourth season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and its free mode Warzone. Waiting for the development team to provide us with more details on the next update, a stolen video reveals the possible weapons arriving during the Season 4.

As is well known, each season introduces various weapons and only two of these are available immediately thanks to the levels of the Season Pass. The other weapons usually only arrive later with a mid-season update. Although we don’t yet know what weapons are available in the pass, it is very likely that it is the submachine gun Fennec and the assault rifle Galil. In the first case it is nothing more than a sort of reskin of the old man Vector, which suffered the same fate as the UMP-45 and for copyright reasons will return with a different name. Among the other weapons on the way there should also be the sniper rifle Rytek AMR and the double daggers, perhaps the most spectacular weapon among those present in the game. Since Galil and Fennec are visible in the COD Modern Warfare Season 4 trailer, we can confidently say that these will be the free weapons that players can unlock by reaching level 15 and 30 on the pass.

Before leaving you to the movie showing the weapons in action, we remind you that a bundle of Ghost and 2 new maps in COD Modern Warfare and Warzone have recently arrived.

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