A lady unplugs the cable from a Tesla Model 3 to recharge her Nissan LEAF: filmed


Here we go again, it happened again: a lady, owner of a Nissan LEAF, connected her car to the network by disconnecting the cable from a Tesla Model 3 being charged at a public column.

The story is certainly not new, in the past we have already told you about similar events, the last one only last March. Let’s start by saying that detaching a charging cable from another car is not illegal, at least not yet, it is only an unfair practice, since you risk leaving another user dry who needs energy (just as it is not nice leave a car connected all day without real need, on the other hand it would be necessary to disconnect everything when the charge is completed).

Auto manufacturers have also thought about this, in fact they produce their “unions” with locking devices, which fit together when charging together with the doors. This however happens with proprietary connectors, it can happen with third party cables that safety devices are not compatible and that therefore a person can detach everything at any time.

We have also written a special on this question, let’s say that to avoid similar problems there are both “mechanical” solutions, with additional locking devices, and “common sense” solutions, with simple cards with which other users are asked not to detach the cable from our car. Beyond everything, however, it is good to remember one thing: if you combine some mess around a Tesla, always remember the Sentinel Mode that records you in any case, from different angles, the therefore the risk is to end up on YouTube for one reason or another, eye …

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