a guide / vademecum that explains all the contributions and incentives provided by the Relaunch Decree


Yesterday, May 28, 2020, theAgency of Revenue has issued a vademecum containing all the main tax measures in favor of citizens, companies, consumers, workers, businesses, introduced with the Relaunch decree (Law Decree 19 May 2020).

Here is the Revenue Agency Vademecum Guide

Let’s remember briefly the five main innovations introduced:

tax credit for businesses and self-employed workers who carry out their activities in places open to the public (60% of the expenses incurred for the adaptation of the workplace to health requirements, the sanitation of the environments and the purchase of personal protective equipment);

confirmation and enhancement of the eco-bonus and sismabonus, which reach 110% for expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021

prediction of a holiday bonus for holidays in Italy, for an amount up to 500 euros, for households with ISEE not exceeding 40 thousand euros.

forecast of grants to companies and self-employed VAT holders, which in April recorded a turnover of less than 2/3 compared to the previous year;

emergency income expected as extraordinary income support to households in conditions of economic need as a consequence of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19.

The guide / vademecum, prepared by the Revenue Agency, better clarifies the doubtful points and clearly explains what, how and who can take advantage of the contributions provided.

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