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When Seneca Krueger picked up a dog named Zelda in foster care last year, she couldn’t imagine how special their relationship would become. She is a psychotherapist, and she often temporarily adopts dogs that don’t have a family to help them trust people again.

To date, she has already hosted 30 dogs in her home, and when she met Zelda, “the vet had prescribed her some anti-anxiety drugs,” says Seneca. She spent the day hiding and walking back and forth. “

However, the woman had noticed that Zelda was calmer when she was on a leash, and so she thought she could train her: “the first results were good, and she managed not to hide for short periods of time – he says -. After two months of living with me and two other dogs he finally started wagging his tail ». At four months of barking and playing, although the sudden noises of the guests in the house still terrified her.

A dog travels 64 kilometers to return to the woman he loves

“Zelda had more and more self-confidence – says Seneca – and so I thought the right time had come to find her a home forever, as I have done in the past with other animals”. Seneca Krueger thus drove 64 kilometers to bring the dog to her new home, which during the journey did not stop crying.

A dog travels 64 kilometers to return to the woman he loves

After 10 days, the woman received a call from the new owner who said that Zelda had disappeared, after having freed herself from the leash. Seneca began looking for her together with a group of volunteers, and about two months later a report came from Minneapolis. That is, halfway between the new owner’s house and his. A later signaling indicated it instead right near Seneca’s house.

A dog travels 64 kilometers to return to the woman he loves

Zelda was trying to return home, and after a three-month walk covering 64 km she made it. “I immediately went to get her, and in agreement with the family that had adopted her, I decided to take care of her forever.” Now the dog is settling very well in the new house, and has never been so happy.

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