“A difficult moment, I wasn’t expecting it …”


Stephen he left Belen? The showgirl tells her truth: «A difficult moment, I didn’t expect it …». In recent days, rumors have chased about an alleged crisis between Belen and Stefano De Martino. Today, Santiago’s mom posted a video on Instagram in which she told her truth.Read also> Alberto Matano, fear of Live Life: «Envoy and cameraman kicked and punched»

I take some strength – says Belen – because honestly I’ve never made a video like that, I’m also a little nervous about it. These are not easy days for me, they are really complicated days. I want to say one thing and I want it to come out of my mouth because every time I open the internet, every time I see articles, as a woman I broke the p ***, in an important way … So this is a difficult moment I repeat, because I didn’t expect it, I don’t even take responsibility for the blame, because I’m a mom, I care about my family, I care about my relationship, I’m a human person, I’m a woman like everyone else the others who suffer. When I see writing on my account I am no longer there. If I am around the city, and by chance people arrive, it is not my fault. It’s not an organized thing on my part, you know me well enough».

And he concludes: «For all the rest, when I will feel it and if I will feel it, but in the meantime I will do it because since I am a public figure and to some explanation you have to give them, you have to bring out the attributes to tell how things are. Because otherwise others will take care of telling things about me and this is no longer good for me. It is normal that if a person is not very happy his brother and his family take him by the hand, he takes him to a restaurant to have a healthy glass of wine to get a smile … We must focus on the people who deserve us and above all on the people who give weight to the family, one suffers because he has a heart but then gets up stronger than before. Sometimes life puts you back to the same problems just because you really know how things are, so you learn».

Last updated: Wednesday 27 May 2020, 19:19


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