A day without tobacco, Airc “one boy in five smokes” – Lifestyles


In Italy, one in five children already smoke traditional cigarettes between the ages of 13 and 15, while 18% use electronic cigarettes. Consumption generally begins during adolescence, often even earlier: in 2018 almost 100 thousand boys tried to smoke before the age of 12. On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day scheduled for Sunday 31 May, the Airc Foundation for Cancer Research returns to warn young people and all citizens on the risks associated with the consumption of tobacco and nicotine.

The World Health Organization this year will pay particular attention to the younger generations, pointing the finger at the manipulations of the producers. “I always say that if there was no smoking I would cure a rare disease – says Marina Chiara Garassino, Airc researcher and head of the Simple Structure of Thoraco-Pulmonary Medical Oncology of the Irccs Foundation. National Cancer Institute of Milan – Only 10% of affected patients lung cancer has never smoked. Anyone who starts smoking as a boy is very likely to continue as an adult. We therefore cannot accept that children smoke because they risk becoming addicted to smoking today and future patients tomorrow. A fact that still worries about more if we talk about young women who approach smoking in a percentage that is 24% higher than in the past “.

Face of the Airc Foundation campaign will therefore be Gianmarco Tamberi, world high jump champion and ambassador of the Foundation since 2017, who will launch a challenge on Instagram inviting other sportsmen, influencers and all the public to try their hand at a breath-taking challenge .


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