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The Guardian writes that Emily Maitlis, a famous British television journalist and main presenter of the in-depth program Newsnight, was replaced by the BBC for the Wednesday evening episode after a very critical monologue on the management of the government of the scandal born around Councilor Dominic Cummings. The replacement of Maitlis was not official, and she wrote on Twitter that she asked for the free evening. Maitlis, who has been working on the BBC for nearly twenty years, had opened the Wednesday evening edition of his program saying: “Dominic Cummings has broken the rules: the country understands it, and is shocked that the government does not do the same”.

Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, is accused of violating the rules for containing coronavirus by traveling with his family through England to pass the quarantine to his parents’ home, despite the fact that his wife already exhibited COVID-19 symptoms . “It made those who did everything to respect the rules seem stupid, and it made many others think that they could violate them,” said Maitlis, who added that Johnson chose to ignore him.

The BBC release said Maitlis violated the impartiality rules of the network, and that staff were reminded of the guidelines to follow. The monologue had gone viral and had been appreciated by many, but several conservative politicians had criticized it, as well as some journalists, considering it excessive compared to the traditional sobriety of the BBC news.

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The BBC’s decision was met with some surprise, and has been heavily criticized by Labor journalists and politicians. Journalist Katie Razzall led the episode of Newsnight Wednesday night, but he wrote on Twitter that it didn’t happen because the BBC asked Maitlis not to introduce him: if it had been so, Razzall wouldn’t have aired. Maitlis confirmed that she asked not to work on Wednesday evening.

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