A book reveals: “Clinton was the lover of Epstein’s collaborator”


The case of Jeffrey Epstein, the American millionaire who committed suicide in prison after being charged with sexual assault and child abuse, is enriched with a further chapter and other suggestions, with the focus again Bill Clinton. From the advances of a book that will be published in the US on June 2, a heavy accusation against the former president emerges: that of having been the lover of a close collaborator of the pedophile tycoon. In these days, the Democrat exponent has already been brought up on the Epstein case, with a witness who ensured Bill’s presence at least once in the brothel residence of the New York financier, a circumstance that had previously always been denied forcefully by the progressive politician.

The new charges against the former commander-in-chief are currently starting, he said yesterday Ansa, from the extract of a volume entitled A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein, written by investigative journalists Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper. In the text quoted by the agency, which will be published in America by New York Post, reference is made to an alleged relationship between Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell, a British citizen with a passion for high society as well as the right hand of the millionaire suspected of abuse.

In particular, this woman, underlines the Italian press, was accused of being the one who provided the minors for the red light parties organized by Epstein in the latter’s villa, located on an atoll of the US Virgin Islands.

The same book denounces the relationship between Clinton and Maxwell, already a lover of the indicted financier, referring to the revelations released to the two authors by a direct witness of the quarrel between the dem politician and the woman.

According to the witness in question, who remained anonymous and cited by New York Post, the liberal exponent attended Epstein on purpose for “stay close to Maxwell“. Going to visit the New York millionaire was precisely for Bill, says this unidentified individual, a “alibi”To mask his real intention to meet the financier’s collaborator.

The anonymous source interviewed by Goodman and Halper ensures, however, that the former tenant of the White House, in his acquaintances with Epstein, would have been always and only attracted to women of age, without ever abandoning himself to acts of pedophilia. In this regard, the witness cited in the volume stresses: “Clinton is stupid, but he is not an idiot“.

The New York Post, starting from the testimony on the love relationship between Bill and the magnate’s collaborator, he then reconstructs and sheds light on the chattering story between Clinton and the right arm of the entrepreneur who committed suicide in prison.

The ex-commander-in-chief and Maxwell, the stars and stripes press agency says, would not have frequented only in the residence of the magnate on the Caribbean island-brothel, but also in New York and, moreover, for several years e brazenly.

Bill, reconstructs the US newspaper, would have gone habitually to find the British town in the Big Apple in the apartment of the same, located a stone’s throw from Trump Tower and worth 11 million dollars.

Bill and his alleged lover, the American newspaper continues, referring to journalistic scoops dating back to 2002, would have been regulars of the social life of the metropolis, being photographed together in luxury restaurants, social events and charity evenings. In some of these public solidarity initiatives, Maxwell would even “replaced“Under the eyes of all the absent Hillary alongside the former liberal tenant of the White House.

In recent years, the reconstruction developed by the Big Apple newspaper continues, Epstein’s former lover would have been a permanent presence at public events organized by the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. The British citizen was also one of the few invited to the marriagecelebrated in 2010 by Chelsea, the daughter of the progressive exponent.

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