A big discount on the electricity bill of millions of users


With the approval of the resolution by Arera, for the coming months there will be a large discount in the electricity bill of millions of users. We refer to non-domestic users connected in low voltage. This decrease, for a total of approximately € 600 million, will concern the fixed components of transport, distribution and metering tariffs and general charges.
The subsidy for small and medium-sized enterprises has been included in the relaunch decree and refers to invoices from May until July. Unfortunately, the Italian families have not been recipients of the measure: nothing will change for them. Those who cannot pay and become defaulters always have the option of paying interest-free.

The measure specifically

The measure is for commercial establishments, artisans, bars, restaurants, laboratories, professionals and services that use a low voltage meter with power greater than 3 kW. The power portion is zeroed on these activities and only a fixed portion of a reduced amount is applied. It is good to specify that there will be no power reduction, the same service will be used but at a lower cost.

The economic benefits will be palpable as soon as the bill is delivered to approximately 3.7 million non-domestic customers. The calculated savings are about 70 euros per month for a customer with a contract with a power of 15 kW and who has not yet opened its doors. Activities that have resumed work will see their bills drop by 30%.

A big discount on the electricity bill. What happens for May?

Unfortunately, the bureaucracy is slow but in this case there is no need to worry. The Arera clearly says that if the discount does not take place in May, it is found in the balance in the June bill. They are not huge figures but a drop to help small productive activities recover in the post coronavirus phase. Government measures start from the electricity bill of millions of non-domestic users. The electricity meter will always run at the same power but production activities will pay less.

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