a 5-month-old girl dies


Turtle blood is considered to all effects an elixir with miraculous properties: in the 1990s, the coach of the 10,000 Chinese world and Olympic champion Wang Junxia attributed the triumphs to the tortoise’s blood (complete with records destined not to be equaled).

In the story we are about to tell, reported by the Daily Star, the tortoise blood will prove fatal.

Fatal for a 5-month-old baby girl.

In the Dominican Republic, a sorcerer advised a family to ingest a turtle blood potion to escape coronavirus infection (which has so far caused 474 in the Central American country).

Because of this potion, the whole family (consisting of parents and two girls, aged 7 years and 5 months) was hospitalized, with the youngest who died.

To cause the death of the little girl, in all probability, some other ingredient included in this alleged miracle potion.

The hospital director commented on the incident: “Similar episodes are caused by people who think that these drinks can have healing qualities, without realizing that they can kill”.

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