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PS4 gets in these hours theupdate 7.51, released by Sony and focused on various performance improvements with an update that seems to be quite important, although the description does not go into much detail.

The firmware update therefore follows the previous update 7.50, which had caused some problems for some users after the update, such as the error that prevented the reading of the disks (SU-42118-6) or the failure to eject the disks. These problems should have been permanently corrected with the new update.

L’update 7.51 it is therefore automatically downloaded when PS4 starts and therefore introduces some corrections and greater system stability. Considering the limited amount of information supplied, it seems that this is a smaller, more marginal update, therefore.

“This system update improves console performance” is all Sony has to say on the subject, so it seems to be small changes under the hood, probably not visible much to the common user.

If nothing else, it should still have fixed the issues that emerged with the previous firmware, particularly with regards to the drive Bluray which had caused various inconveniences to some users. The previous update 7.50 had also added an update to the HDCP protocol, improved the connection speed test and applied other visible changes, as often happens to updates identified with a “full” number, so to speak.

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