“600 thousand euros in fines”. A new ordinance on bags is coming


Fifty seized vehicles, 600 thousand euros of fines, 4 thousand minutes compiled thanks to hidden camera traps throughout the city and the ambushes of the Nad brigade, Environment unit and decoration of the local Police. All on the hunt for uncivilized people who leave bulky waste undisturbed on the sidewalks, alone or within organized networks that make illegal disposal a business, see the so-called “empty cellars”. Here it is, in summary, numbers in hand, the great war on the “zozzoni” waged by Virginia Raggi.

Nothing new to be honest. The theme is the subject of Ama campaigns and of continuous social complaints from the mayor for some time. Today in Campidoglio a press conference to take stock of the operations of the traffic police, with the projection of a demonstration video where citizens are seen spilling objects first loaded into cars, then unloaded on the street.


“These images are bad for the city” comments the mayor. “We cannot allow these cripples to keep getting dirty and that is why we will continue to work tightly by checking and using the cameras.”

Extensive controls mostly on the major arteries of the capital and along the ring road, to flush out the “commuters” of waste, those who, in order to escape the legislation in their municipalities, choose to drop the bags in Rome. “About 70% of the people we control are not resident in the capital” explains Giancarlo Cori, official in charge of the Nad.

In general, the mayor invites the Romans, the virtuous ones, to collaborate. “It is not a matter of disclosure, but simply to report incorrect behavior. I thank those who send us videos” precise, aware of the controversies that often arose around the theme. For many, pointing to the neighbor by doing, as they say, the “spy”, should not be part of the behavior encouraged by the administration. But anyway. The mayor disagrees and has always said so: “We simply urge disclosure of actions that are criminal.”

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And again to combat the wrong contributions, the mayor will repeat the order passed last August and valid for six months (therefore expired in February) with the ban on the use of black plastic bags. Citizens are obliged to use transparent bags, so as to make the content and correct differentiation of waste visible. A help to Ama operators who can possibly correct citizens’ mistakes during the collection phase, and a deterrent to be more careful when separating the different materials at home.

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