5GBioShield is the solution against the dangers of 5G?


From the UK comes a bizarre news to say the least: several people who believe in the many conspiracy theories related to connectivity 5G and the various negative effects it would have on human health have purchased a device called 5GBioShield.

It is a USB pen with just 128 MB of storage space that is sold for 340 pounds (about 380 euros), a solution that would have been “Recommended by a member of the 5G advisory board of the Glastonbury City Council, which has 5G investigation required “.

5GBioShield is a miraculous USB stick?

According to the company that sells 5GBioShield, this device is the result of the most advanced technology currently available for balancing and preventing the devastating effects caused by unnatural electric waves, in particular (but not limited to) 5G, for all biological life forms “.

There is also a website dedicated to this device (also available in Italian), which apparently does not need to be connected to anything to make its “magic” work (“It’s always up and running” thanks to “Quantum nanostructure technology”).

All very fascinating but the staff of Pen Test Partners decided to want to see us clearly and made a teardown of this device: well, it would only be a very common 128 MB USB pen.

At this point, one wonders what all the positive testimonials on the official 5GBioShield website are due to. Only placebo effect?

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