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Google Maps, the tricks you don’t know

Google Maps is an app that never stops offering new features. From a simple satellite navigator for car travel, in fact, by now Maps has become an all-round application to help us get around on foot, by car or by public transport. Not everyone, however, exploits it 100% and this is a shame, because the potential of Maps is really high. Here 5 tips to know to use Google Maps like a true professional.

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Live View: augmented reality inside Maps

One of the latest features introduced by Google in the Maps app is Live View, a layer of augmented reality very useful for walking around the cities that we don’t know well. If we activate it, Maps will show us some three-dimensional indications on the screen and the name of places of interest and commercial activities as we frame the streets of the city. To use this function just set a destination, select the walking mode and then tap the Live View icon next to the “Starts“.

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Use Google Maps in incognito mode

Google Maps is very useful, but it collects tons of user information and personal data while it is active. If you care about privacy and can give up some advanced features, then you’d better use it in incognito mode. To do this you need to tap on your profile photo and choose “Enable incognito browsing mode“. Maps will not record information about the chosen route, but neither will it offer personalized information or suggestions.

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Use Google Maps offline

Almost nobody knows, but it is possible use Google Maps even in the areas where there is no Internet connection. Just remember to download the map of the area “dark“before entering. To do this we have to tap on the profile photo and choose”Offline maps” and then “Select your map“. Then with the fingers we will have to select the area that we want to navigate offline and press”Download“. When we want to use it, always from”Offline maps“we will have to choose the previously saved map.

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Plan a trip with several stops

Almost all they use Maps as navigator from point A to point B. But in reality it is also possible to insert other intermediate points from which to pass before arriving at the destination. It is useful to choose the route precisely, or to ask the navigator to take us to a list of places where we have to deal with some business. To add a waypoint just start navigating to the final destination and then, from the menu at the top right with the three dots, choose “Add stage“.

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Visit the places on Maps before going there

Another very useful function of Google Maps it is what allows us to visit a place before reaching it. Just set the destination and then press on the Street View window at the bottom left. In this way we will see full-screen images of that place and, for example, we can be sure that it is the exact place where we want to go. But also to understand if it is a beautiful area, perhaps because we are looking for a house to rent.

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