4 kilometers will be pedestrianized cycle


The Lungomare di Ostia, at least for 4 kilometers, will be cycle and pedestrian. This was announced by the mayor Virgina Raggi during the presentation of the 2020 Beach Season Strategic Plan.

“We have decided to pedestrianize a stretch of Ostia’s seafront to welcome all those who will not go to the beach and who will be able to walk, use their bicycles or stop on benches equipped with shading structures,” he said.

The area in question will be from the outlet of via Cristoforo Colombo, at the height of the Rotonda, up to Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 131, at the intersection with via Giuliano da San Gallo.

Ostia, free beaches with limited numbers: at the sea only after the OK from the traffic light app. Here is the 5-star summer

One lane, of those 4 kilometers of road, will be cycle and pedestrian while the other lane will be left free to vehicular traffic.

Inside the area there will be a cycle path that, in fact, will allow you to move by bicycle from the Tourist Port of Rome to via Cristoforo Colombo.

Pedestrianization has imposed a change in traffic conditions and a change in Atac bus lines which have been reorganized to allow reaching the coast.

Two large parking areas have also been identified – on the right and left side of the final stretch of via Cristoforo Colombo and the parking area in the past used by the Army, which has been back in the availability of the X Town Hall for a year – which will allow visitors to park your car and move along the coast taking the bicycle or electric scooter in sharing mode.

A hypothesis that the mini mayor of the X Municipio Giuliana Di Pillo had already explained in Rome Today. As the trade unionists of the police have already pointed out, however, there are few agents in the 10th Town Hall. A problem that will have to be resolved soon.

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