31,000 cases and 1,600 deaths in one day. Emergency in Brazil


The virus increases has not lost its strength on many continents and these days is Latin America, which goes towards the winter, to pay a very high price. Strong increase in the last 24 hours both of the infections (765.662, +31.000) and of the dead (41.462, +1.600). The Brazil, the second most affected country in the world after the United States, recorded 374,898 infections and 23,473 deaths. They follow, in second place the Peru (123,979 and 3,626), and to the third the Chile (73,997 and 761). As for the countries with more than 5,000 infections, we report the Mexico (71.105 and 7.633), theecuador (37.355 and 3.203), the Colombia (21,981 and 750), the Dominican Republic (15.073 and 460), Panama (11.183 and 310), Argentine (12,628 and 467) e Bolivia (6,263 and 250).

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Coronavirus, the detail in Brazil

Covid-19 has suffered 807 casualties in the past 24 hours, compared with 11,687 new infections. The Ministry of Health reveals it. The total number of victims in the second most affected country in the world after the United States is 23,473. The ascertained cases rise to 374,898.

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Peru, over 4,000 cases. Peru, the second Latin American country most affected by coronavirus after Brazil, has recorded over 4,000 cases and over 170 deaths in the past 24 hours. The Ministry of Health has made it known, according to CNN reports. The new outbreaks were 4,020, while the deaths were 173 for a total of 123,979 and 3,629 respectively since the start of the pandemic.Coronavirus, study dismantles the RT index: «Inaccurate and arrives too late»

Europe, the situation in Germany. Germany recorded 432 new infections in one day, bringing the total to 179,002, as indicated by the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases. There were 45 deaths in a day to a total of 8,302 since the beginning of the epidemic. A total of 162 thousand people were healed (+800). Yesterday there were 289 new cases of Covid-19 registered in 24 hours and 10 deaths, with a lethality rate stable at 4.6% and an estimated contagion index decreasing at 0.83%.

Russia record. In the past 24 hours 174 people have died: this is the highest number of victims so far recorded in the country in a single day. According to the data announced by the anticoronavirus operations center, the official total of the victims of the new virus in Russia has risen to 3,807 since the beginning of the epidemic. There were 8,915 new infections during the last day. In all, there are 362,342 Covid-19 cases registered in Russia.

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