31 clubs are wary of LND and FIGC


We receive and publish the press release of the “Serie D, Salviamoci” group coordinated by the Lawyer and President of the Grumentum Val D’Agri, Antonio
Petraglia and the spokesman Antonio Erario. This is the text of the note:

It follows the illegitimate, inadmissible and humiliating proposal of the last Board of Directors of the National Amateur League which would like to sanction as well as the suspension of the championships as well as the relegation of the last four classified teams of each grouping without these having terminated the sporting dispute (and preventing them from obtaining salvation on the ground); however, in a terrifying historical moment due to Covid-19 (we would be the only negative example of the whole national panorama). For these reasons, it was considered necessary, today, to warn the FIGC from transposing the aberrant proposal of the National Amateur League with the warning that, failing that, a whole series of judicial actions will be taken to protect violated sports and property rights . The Prime Minister Prof. Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Sport Dr. Vincenzo Spadafora, the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Dr. Nunzia Catalfo and the President of CONI Dr. Giovanni Malagò have been made aware of the circumstance.

HUGE SOCIAL DAMAGE FOR TERRITORIES AND MAYORS. Apart from the lack of sporting and legal rationale of the above proposal, what would result from it would be very serious, namely the possibility of non-registration of 36 sports clubs from all over Italy, of important reference in the territory to which they belong (many of which were heavily affected from the pandemic), who would not accept this Bulgarian relegation, not joining any league anymore; with the consequence that the related youth sectors that host thousands of athletes of each category would also disappear, with an impact on many families. In this regard, we have already received the support of all the local administrations that have committed themselves to assisting us in our sporting and social “battle”.

THE SOLUTION EXISTS AND HAS ALREADY BEEN TESTED IN THE PAST. It would be enough to totally block the relegations for the current sports season, for the cause of force majeure mentioned above, proposing that, on a transitory basis, in the 2020/21 season, there will be an increase in the teams in Serie D, providing for a rebalancing of the number from the next sporting season, possibly including more relegations in the next sporting season; although this is not the only solution, there are others equally valid that can be considered. On the other hand, it is highly doubtful that the organic reform of the sporting system as breezy is ready for the purpose of resolving the serious problem underway.

Finally, we inform you that the “Serie D, Salviamoci” Group will be coordinated by the Lawyer and President of the Grumentum Val D’Agri, Antonio
Petraglia and the spokesman Antonio Erario.



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