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Fortnite, without too much surprise, is first at the top of the ranking richer video games, able to cash in at Epic Games well 3000 euros per minute thanks to the micro-transactions present inside, despite the fact that it is a free, free-to-play title.

MusicMagicPie did one simulation which should be quite accurate, although obviously it is not a tool based on official data, to demonstrate how profitable videogames are, showing how much they collect per minute, you can find it at this address.

At the top we find Fortnite, with its 3151 euros per minute, while a short distance away we find Dungeon Fighter Online with 2800 euros and League of Legends in third position with 2625 euros. In all three cases, these are free-to-play titles, but able to be largely profitable thanks to the micro-transactions, which make dizzying amounts respectively to Epic Games, Neople and Riot Games.

Fourth position for Crossfire, while Anthem’s presence in fifth position is very surprising: the BioWare game is generally considered a flop, at least from the point of view of fans’ expectations for an action RPG that seemed to promise great things, but on the front of the long-term collections it seems that we cannot really speak of bankruptcy.

Based on the simulation of MusicMagicPie, Anthem would earn around 2100 euros per minute at Electronic Arts, which would also explain the willingness of the developers to devote themselves to the continuous evolution of the game, as has been recently reported regarding the Anthem Next program.

A series of well-known games follows with FIFA 19, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Overwatch, GTA V and Apex Legends. Obviously, the simulation is probably somewhat approximate, but it could still give a likely idea of ​​what the trend of free games is (or not) thanks to micro-transactions.

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