30 arrests in New York


Clashes in Minneapolis

Third night of violence and looting in Minneapolis, Minnesota – with one dead and several injured – after the killing of George Floyd by the police. The protests turned into an assault on shops and malls – the owner of a pawn shop killed an intruder with a gun – and the mayor of the city, Democrat Jacob Frey, asked for and obtained from the governor the deployment of the National guard. The police have tried to stem the unrest with tear gas, foaming agents, and reports the Minneapolis Morning Star, also with rubber bullets. Today, Mayor Frey will attempt another mediation.

The police detention

Use in flames

But protests are rampant in other cities too. TO New York – still in full emergency coronavirus – hundreds of people took to the streets of Manhattan to protest George Floyd’s death and express their anger at police violence against African Americans. Moments of tension around City Hall, the town hall, where there was a throw of bottles and other objects towards the agents. One protester was arrested for possessing weapons, others for throwing garbage buckets into the street and blocking circulation. At least 30 people have been arrested.

Shoot in Denver

Protests even in many other cities of America, writes Ansa, including Oakland, in California, and Denver, in Colorado, where protesters blocked some roads. Parades and sit in also a Chicago is San Francisco. TO Minneapolis some cars have been burnt but the situation seems calmer than the previous two nights. TO Denver, in Colorado, is lockdown triggered of the State Capitol, the state assembly, after some gunshot wounds they were shot while one was in progress demonstration to protest Folyd’s death. The situation is tense and many demonstrators have blocked some of the city’s roads.

Flowers in memory of George Floyd

Coronavirus: US, 1,297 victims in the last 24 hours

There are 1,297 coronavirus victims registered in the past 24 hours in the United States who update their balance sheet in 101,573 died from the outbreak of the pandemic in the country. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, there are 1,720,613 cases of positivity to codiv-19, more than any other nation. The alarm goes off again in California where there was the highest daily number of new cases of contagion, well 2,617 in 24 hours. The previous peak had been that of May 5 with 2,603 ​​cases. In total there are over 101,000 in the state, 3,973 victims. TO New York, main outbreak of covid-19, there are 201 thousand infected and 16,400 dead.

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