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Sessa Aurunca / Rome (by Francesca Furnò) – Twenty-one years ago, exactly on 20 May 1999, Massimo d’Antona, jurist, consultant to the Minister of Labor and professor of Labor Law at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, died. Shortly after 8 am, when d’Antona was preparing to go to work, a few meters from his home, in via salaria in Rome, he was killed by 9 bullets. The murder was claimed by the New Red Brigades, a terrorist group, also responsible for the kidnapping and killing of Christian Democrat President Aldo Moro. The goal of the New BRs is to stop the so-called neo-corporative political project of the Employment Pacts, affecting key figures linked to the political context of the restructuring of the world of work. A year later, the two Brigadists responsible for the cowardly killing of the labor lawyer were stopped on a train and in the attempt to escape Mario Gelsi was killed while his accomplice Nadia Desdemona Lioce was arrested.
To investigate was the prosecutor Franco Ionta, at the time head of the anti-terrorism pool, with him the current prosecutor of the Court of Appeal of Rome Giovanni Salvi, dr. Pietro Saviotti and dr. Gabrielli. Franco Ionta originally from Ponte a fraction of Sessa Aurunca in the Caserta area, is an esteemed Italian magistrate expert in terrorism who has held positions of international importance. Landing in the judiciary in 1976, he began to stand out for his sense of justice. Starting in 1977 he made his debut as a substitute attorney first in Nuoro then in Rome. His investigations include the Gladio case, a paramilitary organization belonging to the international Stay-behind network, promoted by the Central Intelligence Agency organized to counter a possible invasion of Western Europe by the Soviet Union and the countries acceding to the Pact of Warsaw; the Sigonella crisis was a diplomatic case between Italy and the United States of America in October 1985; the murders of Ilaria Alpi, Italian TG3 journalist and photojournalist, murdered in Mogadishu together with her cameraman Miran Hrovatin, and of Andrea Nicola Calipari, Italian secret agent killed by American soldiers.

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