2020 restructuring bonus, discount and transfer, new relaunch decree


2020 restructuring bonus, immediate discount or credit transfer this is one of the new features introduced by the relaunch decree as well as the now famous one 110% building superbonus for some interventions of energy requalification and seismic improvement of buildings.

According to article 121 of the relaunch decree, in fact, it is not only 110% of the facilitated works that enjoy the immediate discount or the transfer but also the private individuals who carry out facilitated interventions with the renovation bonus and bonus facades.

Instant invoice discount what it is and how it works:

The Relaunch Decree provides that, as an alternative to the deduction, the taxpayer, for the expenses incurred between the July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, can opt for:

  • the discount on immediate invoice: that is, a discount on the consideration due up to a maximum amount equal to the price due, advanced by the supplier who carried out the interventions, who can recover it in the form of a tax credit that can be subsequently transferred to other subjects, including banks and other financial intermediaries;

  • there credit assignment: ie the transformation of the corresponding amount into a tax credit, with the option of subsequent transfer to other subjects, including banks and other financial intermediaries. The tax credits obtained through the 2020 restructuring bonus or other interventions that can be facilitated with other home bonuses, can also be used to offset taxes and social security contributions based on the remaining unused deduction installments.

Therefore whoever decides to carry out renovation works will benefit from the mechanism introduced by the relaunch decree, that is, the discount on the invoice combined with the assignment of the credit.

Discount on 2020 renovation bonus invoice:

What are the costs that allow the discount on the invoice and the credit assignment, as regulated by the Relaunch Decree?

The costs to which the discount or transfer can be applied are those relating to energy efficiency interventions, the adoption of anti-seismic measures, the installation of photovoltaic systems and columns for electric cars, i.e. all energy requalification and seismic improvement interventions facilitated by the new superbonus 110% but not only.

The discount on the invoice and the assignment of the credit, as provided for in the Relaunch Decree, also apply to the expenses relating to subsidized interventions: 50% renovation bonus, ecobonus 50/65%, sismabonus 50/85%, bonus facades 90%.

2020 restructuring bonus: immediate invoice discount and transfer

On the basis of the provisions of article 121 of the relaunch decree, here are the measures to which it applies rebate discount bonus invoice and facades bonuses 2020:

  • Building heritage recovery: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative restoration, building renovation carried out on the common parts of a residential building; extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative restoration, building renovation carried out on individual residential real estate units of any cadastral category, including rural ones, and on their appurtenances, or the works facilitated by the 2020 restructuring bonus.

  • recovery or restoration of the facade of existing buildings: interventions aimed at the recovery or restoration of the external facade of existing buildings located in areas A and B, facilitated by the bonus facades, introduced by the Budget Law 2020.

We remind you that the discount on the invoice and the credit transfer were two concessions introduced last year by the Growth decree. Both were in force from July to December 2019 as an alternative option to the eco-bonus and the seismabonus but after the protests of small businesses, the Government proceeded to cancel the facilitations. But now they have been restored given the Covid-19 emergency.

Superbonus 110% other news:

With the publication of the Revival decree in the Official Journal Extraordinary measures have entered into force to revive the economy of Italy, severely compromised by the pandemic.

One of the most anticipated measures that arouse greater hope for recovery is the so-called measure. Superbonus 110% strongly desired by the deputy subgretary of state Fraccaro and by the 5 star Movement.

The superbonus 110% consists for certain interventions of Ecobonus and Sismabonus, in an increase of the tax deduction due by 110 percent. Therefore, by performing these “major jobs”, the other subsidized jobs, usually with a lower deduction, also benefit from the same personal income tax discount, today we speak for example of the fixtures.

The 110 percent super deduction is due for the work on the thermal insulation of buildings and for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or the supply of heat pump domestic hot water.

However, works that represent a “pass” also for further interventions: the 110% eco-bonus is for all energy requalification works, if combined with those mentioned above.

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