2020 high school exams, exam evaluation and final requirements. Guide


At the end of the State Exam, the subcommittee must meet to carry out all the operations relating to the final evaluation and the processing of the related documents, immediately after the conclusion of the talks relating to the same subcommittee.

Exam evaluation

Each student who has taken the State Exam must be assigned by the subcommittee an overall final score in cents, which is the result of the sum of the points attributed to the interview, for a maximum of forty points, and of the points acquired for the school credit , for a maximum of sixty points.

Minimum score and maximum score

The minimum overall score to pass the state exam is sixty cents (60/100)

The maximum score that can be attributed for the State Exam is one hundred cents (100/100)

The subcommittee can reasonably integrate the score up to a maximum of five points, on the basis of the criteria established at the preliminary meeting, as indicated in Article 15, paragraph 8, letter b) of the OM on the 2020 State Exam.

The criteria for the possible assignment of the supplementary score, up to a maximum of five points, to which the Ordinance refers, must take into consideration the training process and the learning results achieved on the basis of the programming carried out and may be applied for the students who obtain a school credit of at least fifty points and a test result of at least thirty points

Award of praise

The criteria for awarding the honors are established by the examination subcommittee at the preliminary meeting.

As established in article 23 paragraph 5 of the Ministerial Ordinance on the 2020 State Exam, the subcommittee can, unanimously, award praise to students who achieve the maximum score of one hundred points without benefiting from the integration of the score up to a maximum of five points, provided that:

a) have obtained the maximum school credit by unanimous vote of the class council

b) have achieved the maximum score required for the exam.

Issuing of the diploma

The committee chairs are responsible for issuing diplomas.

At the end of the exam, where it is possible to prepare the diplomas in good time, the commission can deliver them directly to candidates who have passed the exam

In the event that the diplomas are not available for signature before the closing date of the exam session, the presidents themselves delegate the school manager of the institution where the exam is held, to fill in, sign and deliver the diplomas. .

Certificates issued by managers of educational institutions, at the request of the interested parties, following Directive no. 14 of 2011 of the Minister of Public Administration and Simplification, issued in implementation of article 15, paragraph 1, of the law 12 November 2011, n. 183, must bear, under penalty of nullity, the words: “This certificate cannot be produced to public administration bodies or private managers of public services“.

This statement must not be affixed to the original of the state exam passing diploma, since the diploma does not constitute a certificate, but a qualification.

Maturity 2020, here is the definitive ordinance PREVIEW: commission meets on 15 June, absence of teachers, how the interview takes place

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