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Certainly it will have happened to many among our readers to activate Google Assistant in a completely random way, without voluntarily pronouncing the well-known sequence Ok Google. But how much is it possible to distort this key phrase, so that the Mountain View virtual assistant still understands Ok Google?

The curious search was completed by the editorial staff of 9to5Google, which found well 17 alternatives to Ok Google, which really work. Alternatives ridiculousabsurd, sometimes very funny, but the point is this: that they work. You could easily pronounce them at random aloud, and not infrequently your Google Assistant would activate, both on an Android smartphone and on a Google Home device placed at home. There is even Ok Goku, who should now officially become your favorite.

So here it is the complete list with all the alternatives to Ok Google: from time to time the altered activation phrase is similar to the original, but in many other cases it is also completely different. However Google would already be working to make Ok Google more precise.

  • Okee Doodle
  • Ok Boo Boo
  • Hey Goo Goo
  • Cocaine Poodle
  • Okay Strudel
  • Hey Noodle
  • Egg Noodle
  • Eggo Waffle
  • Ok Hugo
  • Ok Dougal
  • Ok Frugal
  • Hey Googs
  • Okay gurl
  • Ok Goku
  • Hey Nurgle
  • Dis Google
  • Say Google

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