16 new cases in the region


Friday 29 May 2020 – 15:11

Coronavirus, Asl Roma and Lazio: 16 new cases in the region

15 between Rome and its province and one in the Viterbo area

Rome, 29 May (askanews) – There are 16 new positives in Lazio. In particular, there are 15 new cases between Rome and the province and a new case in Lazio. Asl Roma 1, Asl Roma 2, Asl Roma 3 all have a new positive case. A new case also for the ASL Roma 4 which however has 4 deaths. Asl Roma 5 has 2 new positive cases, while Asl Roma 6 records 9 new positive cases, 5 of which refer to the cluster of the housing home for the elderly Villa Fortunata di Anzio being transferred to the RSA Covid of Genzano and Albano. Only one new case in the rest of the region. The ASL of Frosinone and Rieti do not record new positive cases and deaths, while the ASL of Latina does not have new positive cases but observes a 69-year-old patient with previous pathologies. 1 positive case for the ASL of Viterbo.


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