111 deaths, 2789 healed


Covid-19 bulletin today 30 May 2020. Here are all the latest civil protection data on the pandemic that has hit Italy.

Covid-19 bulletin today 30 May 2020
A little while ago the Civil protection published the bulletin with all the numbers of the COVID-19 register today, May 30, 2020. The number of positive cases is of +416, which brings the count of total cases to 43691, with a change of -2484 cases at the moment. As for the sad number of dead, have been recorded in the past 24 hours 111 deaths, for a total of 33340 dead. The healed instead become 155633 thanks to 2789 people healed in the last hours.

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Covid-19, the bulletin of May 30: the dead rise

There Lombardy continues to be at the top in the number of infections, with 221 new cases registered. Very high numbers, which confirm that this is the region at the center of the entire contagion in Italy. Follows on Piedmont, with 82 new cases and then theEmilia Romagna, with 20 other cases to consider.
covid-19 table 30 May 2020
covid-19 table 30 May 2020

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