“1 billion doses of adjuvant for pandemic vaccines in 2021”


Coronavirus, Gsk: 1 billion doses of adjuvant for pandemic vaccines in 2021

GSK announces plans to produce 1 billion doses of its adjuvant in 2021 for a potential pandemic vaccine, to support the development of multiple candidates adjuvanted Covid-19 vaccines. The pandemic adjuvant of Gsk – explains the company – can reduce the amount of vaccine protein needed per dose, allowing you to produce multiple vaccine doses and helping to protect more people. In addition, an adjuvant can improve the immune response and has been shown to create stronger and longer lasting immunity against infections.

GSK – reads a note – has given priority to activities to make its pandemic adjuvant technology available to partners who develop promising candidate vaccines for Covid-19 suitable for use with an adjuvant. The company has already started several collaborations with scientific partners in North America, Europe and China to develop vaccines and discussions are underway with other potential partners on further collaborations.

The confirmation of the greater production capacity follows the completion of a review conducted on the company’s global supply network. GSK will handle the production, filling and finishing of the adjuvant for use in Covid-19 vaccines at the production sites of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Europe.

“We believe that more than one vaccine will be needed to tackle this global pandemic,” he says Roger Connor, president of Gsk Global Vaccines – and we are working with partners around the world to do it. We believe that our innovative pandemic adjuvant technology has the potential to help improve the efficacy and scalability of multiple Covid-19 vaccines. With this significant expansion of our production capacity, we can help deliver up to 1 billion doses of adjuvanted vaccines by 2021, helping to protect many more people and support the global effort to combat Covid-19. ”

Given the unprecedented need to develop Covid-19 vaccines, Gsk has started production of the adjuvant with its own resources. The company is discussing the possibility of funding for the production and supply of the adjuvant with governments and global institutions. The company is committed to making its adjuvant available through mechanisms that offer fair access to people around the world. Making the adjuvant available to the world’s poorest countries will also be a key part of these efforts, including donations, by working with global governments and institutions that prioritize access.

Overall, Gsk does not expect to profit from the sales originating from its portfolio of collaborations for Covid-19 vaccines made during this pandemic phase, as the profits generated will be invested in support of coronavirus research and long-term preparation for the pandemic. , both through internal investment in Gsk and with external partners.

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