Zvika Yehezkeli: “Watching a military conflict between Syria and Turkey”


The fighting in Syria between the Assad army and the Turkish-backed rebel forces continues. Veteran Arab commentator and correspondent Zvika Yehezkeli addressed the escalation this morning in the Idlib area, saying in a 103-FM Nissim Meshal program that “I see the possibility of a military confrontation between Turkey and Syria.”

“It’s hard to see the pictures, it’s shocking,” Yehezkeli said in his remarks, adding: “You see the movement of a million refugees in a few weeks. Do you imagine a million people leaving their homes in the snow and frost for Assad to come and kill them? This is about the last 6% left in Syria’s part that Assad regains control of. It took him eight years to do this civil war when they came up on him in late 2011, and here 6% remain and Assad tells them: ‘The price will be death.’ Turkey’s army to Assad’s army in this province – if Assad conquers it – another million refugees will come to Turkey, and a million have already arrived. And therefore approaching his forces in the direction of Assad. ”

Are you anticipating a confrontation between Turkey and Syria?
“Yes. There is already a military confrontation, there are killed soldiers, there are a lot of forces. This is a fascinating test of the Turkish military force, which is considered a strong and problematic force in Israel, should see what is there. This is a huge war on Syria’s story. Eight years of civil war is taking place Nearly a million killed, would you believe that by 2020 there could be a leader who kills a million people and causes 7 million refugees to leave his country, and no one will do anything to him? It happens. The Middle East story is between the Sunnis and Shiites, Assad managed to stave off a very serious revolt just because Cruelty and not military force. It is a very strong conclusion if we look at our enemy Iran, there is a cruel enemy here that does not in any way. ”

“Look at the State of Israel,” the head of the Arab Affairs Desk of News 13 continued, “We have one of the most advanced weapons systems in every field, but in this way Israel will not be able to stand, because it cannot be as brutal as the Assad army. This week Assad inaugurated the field Aleppo’s aviation, at this time they discovered mass graves, there are hundreds and thousands of deaths you don’t know about. That’s one result – cruelty. Who would believe it when Assad, an internet enthusiast who studied ophthalmology, came to power? Expect him not to be as cruel as a father His, he transcended his father and killed a million people. That shows that the Middle East story between the Sunnis and Shiites is a cruel one. He is facing an extremely cruel army that killed a million people and caused 7 million people to be refugees in this cold. It’s just shocking. They can’t go back and Assad won’t allow them either. What world are we living in? We are completely in a different game in the Middle East. ” .

He said that Erdogan was determined, yesterday, that he would not give Assad the province of Idlib, which was in Assad’s sovereign Syria. Turkey is on Assad’s land and Erdogan will not give him up. “He will fight. There are incidents between Syrians and Turks, there are fatalities, there is a helicopter overthrow. If the Russians did not back Assad, today there was war, but there is still the danger of a war between Turkey and Syria, because it is actually the Sunni and Shi’ite war.”

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