Zingaretti curls Di Maio: “Error the 5s in the square for life annuity protest”


“We cut the annuities, they repeated like a roto disk i grillini. But the reality is very different from that of the make-up of continuous announcements and slogans. And in fact now the cut at pensions of MPs is likely to return from the window, after pretending to exit the door. In fact, the Senate Litigation Commission would seem willing to accept the 722 appeals of the former ladies, to whom the check had been recalculated with the contribution system. The day “X”, circled in red on the calendar, is Thursday 20 February: in two weeks, therefore, we will know the Commission’s opinion.

Meanwhile, the question does to argue (but where’s the news?) i Giallorossi. In the past few hours, in fact, the former political leader of the Movement 5 Stars Luigi Di Maio He returned to the scene with a video message on social media to announce his presence in the square on February 15th at the pentastellato event against annuities. The owner of the Farnesina blew the charge and thundered: “The Italian people must peacefully take to the streets and demonstrate against this obscene act of restoration that begins with the recovery of the annuities, but gradually, you will see, they will want to cancel all the laws we have made”. So he added: “You cannot govern a country or stand in opposition in a country thinking about how to abolish the laws of the M5s”.

Here, a guest at Circo Massimo on Radio Capital, he replied to the rhymes Nicola Zingaretti. To the secretary of the Democratic partyin fact, neither the position taken by the government ally nor the methods used were liked: “The initiative of Luigi Di Maio and the 5-star movement to take to the streets is a mistake. I invite Di Maio to look to the future …”. But it’s not over here, since Zinga invites the majority to stop arguing and go back to work: “The executive who faced enormous difficulties lowered taxes, cut the superticket, aimed at the green economy, and compared to Matteo Salvini’s political culture saved the country. Now from the words we all agreed on, that is that we return to the ethics of responsibility, let’s move on to the facts or the government is weakened “.

Finally, Zingaretti is sibylline: “I ask the M5s for clarification. Decide what you want to do with respect to the Democratic Party and above all to this government, otherwise no problem can be solved …”. And these two, let us remember, would be (indeed, they are!) At the helm of the country, together …

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