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Hasan Ali Kaldirim, who has been away from the team for two months due to his foot injury, returned to the field again with his Kırklarelispor match.

Experienced footballer who answered the questions of the press after the match used the following statements;

Fenerbahçe’s experienced left back, “I was a bit impatient in my first injury and did not want to leave the team alone because of the situation we were in.” I needed it because Dirar had surgery. Even though I wasn’t quite ready, I started playing directly and got injured again. The second time I did not risk, I was serious and cautious. I have no problems at the moment, ”he said.

“Because of my injury, I was away from my form for a long time. I am happy to return to the fields again. I miss playing football. I feel so good. Unfortunately, the same injury was repeated for the second time. This time we did not want to make the first mistake. We were a little cautious. For him, the conversion to some fields has prolonged.

In my first injury, I was a little impatient and did not want to leave the team alone due to the situation we were in. I needed it because Dirar had surgery. I started playing directly, even though I wasn’t quite ready. In fact, everything was going well. I had no pain, but my injury recurred before Sivasspor match. It took a little long for him. We took the situation more seriously. We were more cautious. I feel so good right now. I got stronger and ready. I have no problem. I do not have a physical problem.

I thank the fans. I miss them too. It was the first time I had such a long disability in my career. I am aware of the situation. An important task is waiting for me. I hope I will not waste their trust, I will fulfill it. A serious period is waiting for us. We are going through a difficult process. There is a different situation. That’s why I can’t wait to contribute to the team as soon as possible. I have been working with the team for 10 days a week. I played 45 minutes in Kırklarelispor match, we did not want to take more risks.

It was very good

Dirar performed really well on the left back. It is not easy, and I played compulsory back at the time of Advocaat. Dirar has done his job so well. A warrior player. We love Dirar very much. We know that we play everywhere, not just on the left back, we trust it. ”

Hasan Ali Kaldirim said, “I don’t want to get into those issues. These issues exceed me. I’m just ready now. We want to evaluate the next 2-3 months well and reach the happy ending on the way to the championship. ”

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